Ye of little faith

This post was written by junky on April 8, 2009
Posted Under: science

I recently got an audio book from the library called “The Politically Incorrect Guide to DARWINISM and Intelligent Design. I imagined it was going to give information about both sides but discovered that it was a propaganda piece for Dumb Design which after all is what it is.

Let’s examine just the human eyes why would an intelligent entity put blood vessels in front of the human retina decreasing visual acuity. Wouldn’t an intelligent designer have run them behind the retina, as wires in a digital camera are run behind the sensor?

There are many cases of “bad design” which make sense from an evolution through random mutation point of view but not from a directed evolution by an intelligent guiding creator.

Now why do I write ye of little faith?

There is nothing contradictory between science (where ever it goes and whatever it discovers) and spirituality.

Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar whatever is Caesar’s.” He may as well have said, “Allow scientists decide what is science….” And so on. When will these idiots realize that the Bible is not a book of science, ethics, legal scholarship and so on. It may or may not be a good book on spirituality and is not better than other bibles of other religions.

When will people understand that the Spirit does not have chosen people? There was no original sin and in time for Easter I dare say human, or god sacrifice is not needed for salvation.

To end on dumb design: “How come an intelligent desugner not make people good?”

Some idiot said so people can have free will.

That’s plain stupid. I would design a sentient being to have free will and be good. The being could chose to listen to say Beathoven or watch a play by Shakespeare. Full free will, free choice between competing goods. You could select between loving, compassion or joy. So if a mortal like me could design better than the dumb desinger we don’t need such blasphemy as belief in the literal truth of any book but humble understanding that we don’t know.

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