The gander and the goose

This post was written by junky on January 7, 2009
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What’s good etc…

Today the Israeli government suggested that the world embargo arms for the Palestinians. That is a most wonderful suggestion so long as it is reciprocated. That’s to say. Let’s embargo all weapons from the whole Middle East or the whole world.

Reminds me once the leader of the Martians, Venusian and the Terrans (us human beings) went for an audience to the Almighty. They could ask one question and one question only.

First the Martian asked, “When will my people the Martians be decent sentient beings?”

God replied, “Nothing left another five hundred years and they will be worth calling good, kind, and compassionate.” At this the Martian leader burst out crying. God asked him, “Why do you cry? From my point of view it’s less than a blink of an eye. You forget this universe is thirteen and a half billion years old and I’ve created trillions before. So what’s a mere five hundred years?”

The Martian replied, “I understand and that’s why I’m crying, because I’ll not be alive on that glorius day.”

Now the Venusian in turn asked, “Dear, beloved God, please tell me when will my people be decent compassionate loving sentient beings?”

God smiled and replied in kind, “Dear, beloved daughter, your people have advanced a lot and soon in a blink of an eye they will achieve nobility in my eyes. Give them five hundred or so years and they will be there.”

Once again the leader cried since she would not be alive on that glorius day.

Now the human leader asked his same question, “God, tell me. Actualy you don’t need to tell me I know. Human beings are the paragon of animals, so high in reason, we must already be there. But just to humour me, tell me when will human beings be decent kind generous loving sentients?”

God paused as she pondered the question and after a while God burst out crying!

Actually in reality things may not be quite that bad. someone said, “Human beings are angels with one wing cliped. We can only fly through cooperation.”


Where we could be if we got rid of every weapon. If rather than building weapons we made green products. Imagine, if rather than spending 60% of the total scientific and technological effort of humanity (since the dawn of time today) we spent that energy toward solving global hunger, environmental crises, poverty, disease and God knows what else.

Let me reiterate today the total effort spent on producing weapons (all weapons are weapons of killing hence murder) is equivalent to 60% of the totality of all science and engineering effort from the beginning of humanity – this is because knowledge and technology and population expands so fast that most scientists and engineers are alive working today and are used in the death industry….

In the word of Bob Dylan: “Damn ye masters of war.”

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