I thought we had a new President

Everyday, Obama is becoming more and more like George (the stupid) Bush. He refuses to publish the torture photos using some stupid rational. A year ago, I wrote that Obama was not a progressive but he was a moderate (right wing Democrat). Sure he was only -50 vs Hillery Clinton’s -500, the Republican candidate (must […]

Et tu, Obama

Mr. Obama – torture is a war crime and crime against humanity. If the USA will not prosecute the war criminals then it’s up to Spain and decent countries to investigate and prosecute the war criminals. As far as I’m concerned protection of war criminal is in itself a war crime and potentially on day […]

Stop all weapons going to Mid East

From BBC: Prime Minister Gordon Brown has offered British naval resources to help monitor events in the Gaza conflict and stop weapons being smuggled in. He wants to help ensure protection and monitoring of the crossings into Gaza. Mr Brown said: “I’m more hopeful that there will be a ceasefire. We will do everything we […]