Obama Hitler conection

The extreme right wing tea baggers keep connecting Obama to Hitler. Actually as I have said for the last three years Obama was a right wing (moderate) Democrat then and has moved to a right wing Bush/Cheney/Hitler position as far as his foreign policy is concerned. Why do I compare Obama with Bush/Cheney/Hitler? Here are […]

I thought we had a new President

Everyday, Obama is becoming more and more like George (the stupid) Bush. He refuses to publish the torture photos using some stupid rational. A year ago, I wrote that Obama was not a progressive but he was a moderate (right wing Democrat). Sure he was only -50 vs Hillery Clinton’s -500, the Republican candidate (must […]

Let’s admit torture is always wrong

We hung Japanese military for water boarding our soldiers and executed the Germans for preemptive war and then we (the CIA) caused coup d’etats in Iran, Gutamala, Chile (the original 9/11) and God knows how many other countries (more than fifty interventions since 1945). We taught the secret police in all sorts of countries (like […]

Feingold On Panetta: Very "Pleased" With Choice

Sen. Russ Feingold, a leading opponent of torture, extraordinary rendition and secret detention (Bush/Cheney illegal activities) on the Senate Intelligence Committee, supports Leon Panetta for head of the Central Intelligence Agency. He said in a statement, “Leon Panetta has a long and distinguished career in public service and there are few people of whom I […]