Obama Hitler conection

The extreme right wing tea baggers keep connecting Obama to Hitler. Actually as I have said for the last three years Obama was a right wing (moderate) Democrat then and has moved to a right wing Bush/Cheney/Hitler position as far as his foreign policy is concerned. Why do I compare Obama with Bush/Cheney/Hitler? Here are […]

AIPAC vs Jewish voice for peace

I’m about to send an email to my senators and representative objecting to the one sided AIPAC (American Israel Political Action Committee) resolution which well this is what AIPAC says about it – my comments in bold: I write to thank you for supporting S. Res. 10, an important bipartisan resolution supporting Israel’s quest for […]

The gander and the goose

What’s good etc… Today the Israeli government suggested that the world embargo arms for the Palestinians. That is a most wonderful suggestion so long as it is reciprocated. That’s to say. Let’s embargo all weapons from the whole Middle East or the whole world. Reminds me once the leader of the Martians, Venusian and the […]

The Palestinians are stupid

An Israeli friend once told me, “The Palestinians are stupid.” Given that he was one of the many pro-peace Israelis I was surprised at his apparent racist comment but I knew he meant something totally different. So I asked him to explain. He said, “All they have to do is nothing, I mean no fighting […]