Kill the Liberman Bill

The anti-health care bill has become so disgustingly pro-big pharma, health insurance death panel (yes they exist and the murderous insurance companies and their flag bearers like Liberman are part of the death industry)… That’s death for greed – murder for profit. Switzerland and Belgium (I believe the latter) use private insurance companies but regulated […]

Principles first – implementation later

Principles first: If only we could agree: Health care it’s a matter of human rights. If only we could agree: No Civilized nation which could afford it would deny universal health care to all its citizens. If only we could agree: What Jesus, Moses, Mohammad, The Buddha, and other religious leaders would say about people […]

Management by crises only

We have reached a society which examines problems only when they are total crises and even then we do nothing about them. Anyone with any sense would realize that the following issues are major problems for the USA and the world at this moment: Health care – one way or another modern high tech health […]

Health care – greed saves lives?

OK the insurance companies and their bought off politicians and treasonous mass media keep saying things like: We have the best health care in the world – Like any third world country we have the best and thge worst. Sure if you are rich and have the greatest insurance that money can buy USA has […]