Management by crises only

This post was written by junky on September 3, 2009
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We have reached a society which examines problems only when they are total crises and even then we do nothing about them. Anyone with any sense would realize that the following issues are major problems for the USA and the world at this moment:

  • Health care – one way or another modern high tech health care and modern high tech food addiction and pharmaceutical companies whose sole motivation is greed mean that health care is and will be rationed in every advanced industrial nation in the world and non-existent for most people in the poor countries.
  • Aging population – at the same time people are living longer and having fewer children and so fewer young people have to support more elder people.
  • Environmental issues – I’m separating all issues other than global warming in this section. At last in England they have manged to clean up the pollution caused by industrial revolution.
  • Global warming – most scientists who have studied the problem think it may already be too late and we are way beyond the crises point. One top scientist (Nobel prize winner) who has examined global warming predicts that by the year 2100 the world population will be down to one billion. It may be like a lottery that if you win (survival) you may end up in a highly diminished but livable world.
  • Water wars – thanks to global warming water shortages will be much more relevant than today. If we survive and get cheap alternative energy a time will come when clean desalinated water will be more valuable than oil.
  • Obesity – relates to health care. The food industry makes addictive foods and no one taxes anything to compensate for the damage the product does. Thus if we taxed oil, bad toxic food and so on for the true economic costs of goods we would solve a lot of our problems. I do not believe in dictating what someone else eats, but if someone increases my health insurance cost and taxes thank to eating fast junk food, that person should pay for the cost not forcing me to subsidize his/her stupidity. Moreover if the food (death) industry knows that a bad sugar loaded food is going to cost ten dollars (fewer buyers) and producing a good (vegetarian based)  version of the same costs three dollars they will start producing better foods.
  • Our educational system is atrocious.  This makes everything else even worse. Not only can we not compete with such a bad educational system, ignorant non-thinking people can be (and are) misled against their own interest by demagogues.

Most of the above problems are already crises. Even so, our leaders (whether political, economic, religious/spiritual, media) are doing next to nothing about them. In fact many of our leaders are lying about the above topics and denying that they are even problems. And the rest who think we have problems are taking them way too lightly and are involved more in getting reelected than solving the problems.

I’ll be writing about the above issues and more importantly about issues we should be thinking about in the future. I’ll do my best to write from a loving kindness point of view. All my websites including this were down for about two weeks as I lost my hosting company and had to change it. In the meanwhile I have decided that I’ll only mention problems and potential solutions here. No more attacks of what may be wrong – but only appreciation of what is good.

As many wise people have said, “Don’t be against things like war, disease, and hatred. Be for peace, health, and love.”

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