Man cannot live without bread

OK, OK I know Jesus said, “Man cannot live with bread alone.”

Reminds me of the one about God and Nietzsche: In 1840 Nietzsche announced that God is dead. He may or may have been correct about that assertion (after all God is dead implies that God was once alive and as one of my Jewish teachers said, “Thou shalt not have any other gods before me linguistically implies that there are other Gods and that this was the local trible god…).

Back to Nietzsche: In 1840 Nietzsche said that God is dead, and in 1895 God took her revenge by announcing Nietzsche is dead. And in this case there was no denying of the assertions.

By the way I might have got both dates wrong. I was making a logical philosophical joke rather than talking in facts.

Back to Jesus (Jesus Christ this post is going much longer than I wanted – I do ramble on and on and digress – you should see my poor darling wife – it does get frustrating).

God damn it – –

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When I first arrived in England in 1958 actually it was 1960 when I git to high school in Wotcester that we had big arguments about if Buddy Holly would have been greater than the king Elvis presley or not. Elvis was still in the army and Holly was dead and the Beatles were still three years off and I was in an all boys boarding school but that’s another story.

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