Immigration reform

This post was written by junky on June 1, 2010
Posted Under: civil rights,kleptocracy,new capitalism

Most countries in the world have illegal immigration issues. Even poor countries have “illegals” coming to their countries from even poorer countries. Every country that I know allows illegal immigration with a wink and a nudge (you know what I mean – Python). The reason is that the illegal immigrants take jobs that the natives will not accept at the artificially low wages that the kleptrocrats can get away with paying the illegals.

I am using the term illegal not because I believe it is possible for any living being let alone a member of that highly intelligent and extremely stupid speciesĀ  homo sapiens (human being the wise – never a bigger self contradiction). How can a person be illegal and I mean a real human person not an evil kleptrocatic non-person (corporations the bane of human existence). I use the term illegal to show how the kleptrocrats use the status of human beings to make profit.

If any country wishes to stop illegal immigration just put real penalties for the hirers of that class of workers. Since the supreme court of the kleptrocrats has decided that corporations have all the rights of natural born persons let’s give them all the responsibility of humans. Thus if we can go to jail and we live in one of the few countries so savage that we have capital punishment let’s have the same punishments for corporations.

Under these fair rules BP would be in jail just now (has to cease all new operations) waiting for murder trials and possible death penalty. B.P. would cease to exist and all belongings would first be used to pay for the damages done and the rest used to pay off debt and the shareholders would get the rest. If this happened other corporations would start caring about the good of all rather than greed above all.

Back to issue of immigration. Just put real effective employer sanctions. For corporations it would be something like ten years of jail (temporary ceasing of operation) for each person hired illegally. The government in return would have an electronic means to tell us whether a person is allowed to work in the country. We could have a ten thousand dollar sanction for individuals, Again anyone could use the government database to discover if someone is allowed to work or not.

Why is such a simple system in place?

Because we (even the most bigoted person) gain by the “illegal” status of the immigrants. Are you ready to pay three dollars for a head of lettuce?

I know I’m not but then I believe in total open borders. If capital is globalized, so should labor and taxation be globalized.

I’ll write more about this later. The point is that all companies doing business in the United States should pay their fair taxes no matter where their headquarters are placed.

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