More Israeli State Terrorism Murder

These state terrorists should be punished. But the USA is a fellow state terrorist and supports the cold blooded murder of aid workers by the Israelis. Read the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and you’ll see how the Jewish Taliban were advised by their tribal god to kill every man, woman and child in the lands […]

Let’s admit torture is always wrong

We hung Japanese military for water boarding our soldiers and executed the Germans for preemptive war and then we (the CIA) caused coup d’etats in Iran, Gutamala, Chile (the original 9/11) and God knows how many other countries (more than fifty interventions since 1945). We taught the secret police in all sorts of countries (like […]

Et tu, Obama

Mr. Obama – torture is a war crime and crime against humanity. If the USA will not prosecute the war criminals then it’s up to Spain and decent countries to investigate and prosecute the war criminals. As far as I’m concerned protection of war criminal is in itself a war crime and potentially on day […]