Management by crises only

We have reached a society which examines problems only when they are total crises and even then we do nothing about them. Anyone with any sense would realize that the following issues are major problems for the USA and the world at this moment: Health care – one way or another modern high tech health […]

Kill your enemies – make them your friends

Loving your enemies is not easy. It needs the patience of Job, the loving compassion of the Buddha, and the forgiveness of the Christ. However, loving your friends is easy – it’s natural. So becoming friendly with more people allows you to be more loving. For now I’m talking about making friends one person at […]

No more hate – even in jest

I have removed the evil side of this site where in name of satire and jest I spewed out hate. Today’s events at the Holocaust museum has made understand that all negative talk is wrong even when done as satire. If I cannot make political commentary from the point of view of unconditional love, it’s […]