Joseph and the lean years

I’m watching a right wing economist talking about reducing taxes to reduce the defecits. You stupid idiot  – been there, done that – and that’s why we are in such a mess. Giving more money to the rich only gives more money to the rich. We need to invest in our future in these lean […]

Last refuge of a scoundrel

Patriotism is supposed to be the last refuge of a scoundrel. Is it? Perhaps not, but too much patriotism is definitely bad for your nation and bad for humanity. We have to understand that ideas such as, “My country right or wrong,” is bad for the country (we stop improving the country) and bad for […]

NATO is dead

When a non NATO terrorist outlaw nation attacks the vessels of a NATO country in an act of open piracy and the head of NATO (USA) aids and abets the law breaker (Israel) it is time to close NATO. Soviet Union no longer exists. The only rational of NATO would be to defend members when […]

God bless Netanyahu

I have written before on how I would send blessing to the worst people in history (people like Hitler, Stalin, Genghis Khan, George Bush and Dick Cheney). The reason I would send such war criminals is because they need most blessing to be forgiven. Today, Benjamin Netanyahu has true to form acted as the alleged […]

Automation – good or bad

The last post was about a few current crises facing the USA and the rest of the world. The point was that we only look at problems after they become super crises. I wish to write about a problem which is not a crisis yet but will be in the future. It is predicted that […]

Evangelicals applaud Pontius Pilate

Latest poll results show that the more people go to to church the more they believe that it’s OK to torture people. People belonging to no formal religion are most likely to say that civilized Nations do not torture under any circumstances. Jack Cafferty of CNN was wondering how come. I was thinking about Pontius […]


I wonder if people who call their junk TV station "FOX news" (just pronounce it correctly and you understand what is does to the news) know what teabagging means. A freind was asking why these people (who cares which people – we all have them) are so evil? I reminded her about the story by […]