Where’s my twenty hour work week?

In the sixties futurists were predicting that by the year two thousand our average work week would be down to around twenty hours and by twenty ten it would be down to about fifteen hours a week. What went wrong? How come these brilliant people were so wrong? They did not calculate the sheer greed […]

Words do have meanings

This is a comment  wrote on Huffingtonpost as a reply to someone who claimed that George W. Bush was a liberal conservative (The post itself is linked to in blue immediately blow): Spanish Investigators Push Justice Department On Torture Role; How Will Holder Answer? Learn some Latin or at least English the word liberal is […]

Ye of little faith

I recently got an audio book from the library called “The Politically Incorrect Guide to DARWINISM and Intelligent Design. I imagined it was going to give information about both sides but discovered that it was a propaganda piece for Dumb Design which after all is what it is. Let’s examine just the human eyes why […]