Learn to think for yourself

A friend with a Ph.D. was talking about the recent NASA experiment to find water on the moon. She was complaining about the cost of this wonderful scientific experiment which will advance moobn science at least as much as the Apollo moon (propaganda) landings. Unfortunately most of us (citizens of the USA) understand next to […]

Republicans hate Jesus

Sharing is wrong according to the Republicans and they think Jesus Christ was evil for sharing the loafs and fishes.  That was an evil case of socialistic public option. Any decent Republican (self contradictory term – mostly) knows that sharing is wrong and greed is great. When the radicals say: “When the Son of Man […]


To call the traitor boss of the Republican party, Rush Bimbo, the twentieth 9/11 terrorist may be a bit unfair to the terrorists. At least they were educated and were not drug addicted traitors to their own country. It is time that decent conservatives, and there are plenty of them, separate themselves from Limburger (go […]