Save the gulf oil jobs – save the gulf

Some Republican law makers are complaining that President Obama is destroying the gulf oil drilling jobs by having a six month moratorium on deep drilling in the gulf  of Mexico. I have a simple suggestion on how to save those jobs while protecting the environment. In Norway you cannot take out any oil from a […]

Bush III or peace maker

There are those of us (progressives) who are exceptionally disappointed with President Barack Obama. We are disappointed that: Guantanamo still exists. No torturers or war criminals have been prosecuted. Some kind of renditions still continue. Washington Middle East policy is still ruled by traitors who care more about the extreme right wing faction of Israeli […]

Obama’s report card – foreign policy

A freind asked me what I thought of President Obama so far? I first explained that I have been writing for more than eighteen months that Obama was a moderate Democrat (right of center DNC type – meaning extreme right wing by European standards). I wrote that Obama was -500, vs. -50,000 for Hillery Clinton, […]

President Obama stop this evil socialism

The extreme right wingbat media continue going on about socialism as though any government department is socialistic. Let’s then get rid of the most evil socialistic part of the US government. This boondoggle just costs us money and keeps getting us into trouble. If we can onlt stop this evil socialism we would have enough […]

Message from Iran

This email came from a friend in Iran: Here, people do not want a regime change…..They just want more freedom and better relations with outside world.The Iranians outside Iran and the press sometimes get it wrong,and think that people want a regime change.When it comes to Nuclear Energy for Iran all these young people agree […]

Next time let’s elect a Democrat

Once again we have voted for a Democrat and got a Republican – sure it’s better than voting for a Republican and getting a stupid Nazi controlled by Dart VaCheney. But, “Thank God he’s not Bush,” is not much of a consolation. Oh, well, but thank God he’s not Bush! Isn’t there a single Democrat […]