Super Peter Principle

The Peter principle states that in organizations people rise to their level of incompetence – in super Peter principle you cut the middle man and go way above your level of incompetence straight away. Thus we have total failures like Sarah Palin, her daughter who can’t dance and that failed businessman Donald Trump claiming success […]

Stop this activist Fascist court

I just heard on CNN (conservative news network – vs. FOX which does what it sounds to the news): “This court is more moderate than we thought.” This Supreme court moderate??? The current extreme right wing corporatist supreme (supremely anti people) court is an activist Fascist court. From Wikipedia: Fascists seek to organize a nation […]

Save the gulf oil jobs – save the gulf

Some Republican law makers are complaining that President Obama is destroying the gulf oil drilling jobs by having a six month moratorium on deep drilling in the gulf  of Mexico. I have a simple suggestion on how to save those jobs while protecting the environment. In Norway you cannot take out any oil from a […]

Democracy is for the Greeks

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts is an old saying (from the Trojan war and the horse). One gift that we get from Athens is so called democracy. So the question is what was the original democracy as practiced by the Athenians? Out of a population of about half a million about ten thousand were citizens […]

Immigration reform

Most countries in the world have illegal immigration issues. Even poor countries have “illegals” coming to their countries from even poorer countries. Every country that I know allows illegal immigration with a wink and a nudge (you know what I mean – Python). The reason is that the illegal immigrants take jobs that the natives […]

Tom Delay’s real world

I am unfortunate enough to watch Tom Delay being interviewed on CNN. He claims that people are jobless because they don’t want jobs. He said basically that people wait until their unemployment runs out before getting another job. What planet is he living on and what is he smoking. I’m working an eight dollar an […]

Third world USA

I have not been writing on this blog for a long time as I wanted to not write any angry posts. I’m now ready to write just commentary. For the last twenty years I have been saying that this country (the USA) is becoming a third world country. I admit it, I am now proved […]

Where’s my twenty hour work week?

In the sixties futurists were predicting that by the year two thousand our average work week would be down to around twenty hours and by twenty ten it would be down to about fifteen hours a week. What went wrong? How come these brilliant people were so wrong? They did not calculate the sheer greed […]

Isn’t Rupert the monkey?

No he’s the donkey. I haven’t written  here for quite a while as I have been busy on other blogs on weight loss and I have just reviewed NutriSystem. I’ll write about those in a later post. An talking about New York Post the Rupert Murder-of-the-Truth rag and it’s recent cartoon about the monkey – […]

Can there be democracy of the stupid

That’s what we have in the US and California with our stupid people voting for ridiculous propositions which go against our interests but sound good to ignorant idiots that most of us are in those thirty second TV ads. California is in crisis — once more the extreme evil extreme conservatives hold our budget process […]