The sound of no hand clapping

There is a Zen Koan which talks about the sound of a single hand clapping – there is a case of American media’s treason which is like truth being the sound of no hand clapping and I’m not talking about the anti-news all lies, all the time FOX news (so called because it F*cks the […]

Learn to think for yourself

A friend with a Ph.D. was talking about the recent NASA experiment to find water on the moon. She was complaining about the cost of this wonderful scientific experiment which will advance moobn science at least as much as the Apollo moon (propaganda) landings. Unfortunately most of us (citizens of the USA) understand next to […]

Words do have meanings

This is a comment  wrote on Huffingtonpost as a reply to someone who claimed that George W. Bush was a liberal conservative (The post itself is linked to in blue immediately blow): Spanish Investigators Push Justice Department On Torture Role; How Will Holder Answer? Learn some Latin or at least English the word liberal is […]