Stop this activist Fascist court

I just heard on CNN (conservative news network – vs. FOX which does what it sounds to the news): “This court is more moderate than we thought.” This Supreme court moderate??? The current extreme right wing corporatist supreme (supremely anti people) court is an activist Fascist court. From Wikipedia: Fascists seek to organize a nation […]

Immigration reform

Most countries in the world have illegal immigration issues. Even poor countries have “illegals” coming to their countries from even poorer countries. Every country that I know allows illegal immigration with a wink and a nudge (you know what I mean – Python). The reason is that the illegal immigrants take jobs that the natives […]

What happened to my twenty hour work week

Social scientists predicted in the 1960s that thanks to increased productivity by now the average work week would be around twenty hours and remember in those days a single person’s earnings were enough to live on. So what happened? How were the scientists so wrong. Sure these were the days before the LSI (large scale […]