Obama Hitler conection

The extreme right wing tea baggers keep connecting Obama to Hitler. Actually as I have said for the last three years Obama was a right wing (moderate) Democrat then and has moved to a right wing Bush/Cheney/Hitler position as far as his foreign policy is concerned. Why do I compare Obama with Bush/Cheney/Hitler? Here are […]

Forget McChrystal

So McChrystal is an idiot – so what? Who cares? It’s a stupid unwinable war. It’s time to declare victory and bring the troops home. Al Qaedeh are in Pakistan now. Our Afghanistan partners are corrupt. The easiest way out (of Iraq as well as Afghanistan) is through Iran. I don’t mean through attacking Iran […]

God’s chosen people

Why can they attack anyone they wish anywhere they desire and get away with it? Because the damned US congress, AIPAC and all the money the Christian Taliban and Zionazi’s give them? No because they are god’s damned chosen people! Read the Bible to fiend out all the ethnic cleansing that their tribal god condoned. […]

Obama’s report card – foreign policy

A freind asked me what I thought of President Obama so far? I first explained that I have been writing for more than eighteen months that Obama was a moderate Democrat (right of center DNC type – meaning extreme right wing by European standards). I wrote that Obama was -500, vs. -50,000 for Hillery Clinton, […]

A world without nuclear weapons

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – President Barack Obama called for “a new era of engagement” with the world on Wednesday, pledging to work together with other countries while defending the interests of the United States. He said he would seek a new deal with Russia on reducing nuclear weapons and said countries that refuse to meet […]

Message from Iran

This email came from a friend in Iran: Here, people do not want a regime change…..They just want more freedom and better relations with outside world.The Iranians outside Iran and the press sometimes get it wrong,and think that people want a regime change.When it comes to Nuclear Energy for Iran all these young people agree […]

The heroine

Like most Iranians living in the diaspora I have been glued to CNN watching the events – hoping that it will all end for the better. I have to hold the tears back as I see what is happening to these wonderful brave people risking their lives protesting for their freedom. The protesters were fighting […]

Bomb, bomb Iran?

John McCain is an enemy of the Iranian people. He’s the one who wanted to bomb Iran. The neocons hate Iran. The extreme right wing of USA and Israel have the same theological point of view as the current Iranian government (different religions but imagining that they talk to god – I write god for […]

The Shah and the Pop Star

As far as I know this is a true story and was told to me by the Pop Star’s sister: During the dictatorship of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (put in dictatorial power in a CIA coup against the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953) one day a pretty Pop Star was asked to one […]