How do you comment negatively while being all love

I have not written anything on any of my blogs for a long, long time. Part of it has been thank to procrastination. However, on this blog the challenge has been that I decided to be true to my spiritual roots of total unconditional love. I suppose it goes to the idea of hating the […]

The pot and the glass house

Those who live in a glass house should not call the kettle black! While President Obama is correct in calling for a world wide reduction in nuclear weapons but is wrong in demonizing some nations while backing the state terrorism of “friendly nations.” It would be better to reduce our own overwhelming expenditures in weapons […]

Songs for now

I’m doing my best to avoid watching the TV or reading the news on Internet. Things do not change. People kill people. Our standard of living is going down on a daily basis while the government bails out the fat cats who got us into this fiasco. So I listen to some songs from my […]