Democracy is for the Greeks

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts is an old saying (from the Trojan war and the horse). One gift that we get from Athens is so called democracy. So the question is what was the original democracy as practiced by the Athenians? Out of a population of about half a million about ten thousand were citizens […]

Third world USA

I have not been writing on this blog for a long time as I wanted to not write any angry posts. I’m now ready to write just commentary. For the last twenty years I have been saying that this country (the USA) is becoming a third world country. I admit it, I am now proved […]

The sound of no hand clapping

There is a Zen Koan which talks about the sound of a single hand clapping – there is a case of American media’s treason which is like truth being the sound of no hand clapping and I’m not talking about the anti-news all lies, all the time FOX news (so called because it F*cks the […]

Savage who

The bigoted idiot Mike Savage or whatever the guy’s name is, is suing the British government for not allowing him to visit Britain for his racist (oops I mean for his alleged racist and other comments). Some idiot on CNN complained that he was being excluded from Britain for his opinion. My wife agreed and […]