Super Peter Principle

The Peter principle states that in organizations people rise to their level of incompetence – in super Peter principle you cut the middle man and go way above your level of incompetence straight away. Thus we have total failures like Sarah Palin, her daughter who can’t dance and that failed businessman Donald Trump claiming success […]

Third world USA

I have not been writing on this blog for a long time as I wanted to not write any angry posts. I’m now ready to write just commentary. For the last twenty years I have been saying that this country (the USA) is becoming a third world country. I admit it, I am now proved […]

The sound of no hand clapping

There is a Zen Koan which talks about the sound of a single hand clapping – there is a case of American media’s treason which is like truth being the sound of no hand clapping and I’m not talking about the anti-news all lies, all the time FOX news (so called because it F*cks the […]

President Obama stop this evil socialism

The extreme right wingbat media continue going on about socialism as though any government department is socialistic. Let’s then get rid of the most evil socialistic part of the US government. This boondoggle just costs us money and keeps getting us into trouble. If we can onlt stop this evil socialism we would have enough […]

Execute guilty corporations

The chances are that the exceptional right wing supreme court will give further rights of natural human beings (you like you and I) to the mega-corporations whose only function is greed. OK, if there’s no difference between these super powerful faceless entities and us, how about making the corporations responsible for their actions…. If we […]