Immigration reform

Most countries in the world have illegal immigration issues. Even poor countries have “illegals” coming to their countries from even poorer countries. Every country that I know allows illegal immigration with a wink and a nudge (you know what I mean – Python). The reason is that the illegal immigrants take jobs that the natives […]

Forget about race how about castles

I grew up in England and we used to say, “An Englishman’s home s his castle.” I believe the idea comes from Magna Carta which limited the rights of the King from all sorts of things and was the start of the quest for freedom and democracy in England at first and the whole Anglo-Saxon […]

Come out, come out where ever you are

Somewhere between five to twenty percent of all Americans belong to that abused minority which is forced to remain in the closet even in these enlightened time when we elect an African American and can be proud to be Americans on this count but must remain ashamed for the way we treat this minority. This […]