About Political Hunky – the good side

Above was a typo but I’m leaving it there.  I started this site a long time ago with intention of being unconditionally loving, satirical, forgiving and wonderful things like that.

However, given the state of the world under the Bush idiotocracy (and that’s very unkind to idiots) I kept losing it and sprouting vitriol instead of kindness and positive suggestions….

Coincidentally I started writing blogs using WordPress. My original blog at poltical junky remains where it was and I’ll occasionally write angry posts there. I’m leaving all the old posts there and there are a few good political jokes there you may want to read.

On this blog I’ll do what I originally wanted to do. That’s to say.

Peace, love, forgiving “your enemies” and similar positive posts about politics and the news. The satire will go on both sides….

Namaste which means the divinity in me salutes the divinity in you….

P.S. one of my teachers said, “Kill your enemies by making them your friends.”

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