Stop this activist Fascist court

I just heard on CNN (conservative news network – vs. FOX which does what it sounds to the news): “This court is more moderate than we thought.” This Supreme court moderate??? The current extreme right wing corporatist supreme (supremely anti people) court is an activist Fascist court. From Wikipedia: Fascists seek to organize a nation […]

Forget McChrystal

So McChrystal is an idiot – so what? Who cares? It’s a stupid unwinable war. It’s time to declare victory and bring the troops home. Al Qaedeh are in Pakistan now. Our Afghanistan partners are corrupt. The easiest way out (of Iraq as well as Afghanistan) is through Iran. I don’t mean through attacking Iran […]

Save the gulf oil jobs – save the gulf

Some Republican law makers are complaining that President Obama is destroying the gulf oil drilling jobs by having a six month moratorium on deep drilling in the gulf  of Mexico. I have a simple suggestion on how to save those jobs while protecting the environment. In Norway you cannot take out any oil from a […]

Democracy is for the Greeks

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts is an old saying (from the Trojan war and the horse). One gift that we get from Athens is so called democracy. So the question is what was the original democracy as practiced by the Athenians? Out of a population of about half a million about ten thousand were citizens […]

NATO is dead

When a non NATO terrorist outlaw nation attacks the vessels of a NATO country in an act of open piracy and the head of NATO (USA) aids and abets the law breaker (Israel) it is time to close NATO. Soviet Union no longer exists. The only rational of NATO would be to defend members when […]

Immigration reform

Most countries in the world have illegal immigration issues. Even poor countries have “illegals” coming to their countries from even poorer countries. Every country that I know allows illegal immigration with a wink and a nudge (you know what I mean – Python). The reason is that the illegal immigrants take jobs that the natives […]