God’s chosen people

Why can they attack anyone they wish anywhere they desire and get away with it? Because the damned US congress, AIPAC and all the money the Christian Taliban and Zionazi’s give them? No because they are god’s damned chosen people! Read the Bible to fiend out all the ethnic cleansing that their tribal god condoned. […]

God bless Netanyahu

I have written before on how I would send blessing to the worst people in history (people like Hitler, Stalin, Genghis Khan, George Bush and Dick Cheney). The reason I would send such war criminals is because they need most blessing to be forgiven. Today, Benjamin Netanyahu has true to form acted as the alleged […]

Canadian goverenment arrest the war criminal

I believe the ZioNazi war criminal leader Benjamin Netanhitkerneau was in Cnada when his latest war crimes took place. The Canadian government should immediately arrest this terrorist and send him to the International Court of Justice in La Haig for trial for his war crimes and crimes against humanity. We should join all decent people […]

More Israeli State Terrorism Murder

These state terrorists should be punished. But the USA is a fellow state terrorist and supports the cold blooded murder of aid workers by the Israelis. Read the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and you’ll see how the Jewish Taliban were advised by their tribal god to kill every man, woman and child in the lands […]