Force filibuster to be filibuster

I thought filibuster was where some Senator talks non-stop to stop voting. So force it. Force the senators who want to filibuster to talk and talk and talk until they have to go to bed or they wet their pants or whatever. Before the elections I said that moderate Democrat Obama was -500 as opposed […]

Kill the Liberman Bill

The anti-health care bill has become so disgustingly pro-big pharma, health insurance death panel (yes they exist and the murderous insurance companies and their flag bearers like Liberman are part of the death industry)… That’s death for greed – murder for profit. Switzerland and Belgium (I believe the latter) use private insurance companies but regulated […]

The sound of no hand clapping

There is a Zen Koan which talks about the sound of a single hand clapping – there is a case of American media’s treason which is like truth being the sound of no hand clapping and I’m not talking about the anti-news all lies, all the time FOX news (so called because it F*cks the […]