Principles first – implementation later

Principles first: If only we could agree: Health care it’s a matter of human rights. If only we could agree: No Civilized nation which could afford it would deny universal health care to all its citizens. If only we could agree: What Jesus, Moses, Mohammad, The Buddha, and other religious leaders would say about people […]

Lose your job get bad credit – can’t get a job

After being jobless for nine month a friend was so pleased that she had won an interview. All that was left was for her references to work out and she’d have the job. What she did not count on is that the corporation (read stupid bureaucracy) checked her credit rating. Now I don’t know about […]

Where’s my twenty hour work week?

In the sixties futurists were predicting that by the year two thousand our average work week would be down to around twenty hours and by twenty ten it would be down to about fifteen hours a week. What went wrong? How come these brilliant people were so wrong? They did not calculate the sheer greed […]