Obama’s report card – foreign policy

A freind asked me what I thought of President Obama so far? I first explained that I have been writing for more than eighteen months that Obama was a moderate Democrat (right of center DNC type – meaning extreme right wing by European standards). I wrote that Obama was -500, vs. -50,000 for Hillery Clinton, […]

A world without nuclear weapons

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – President Barack Obama called for “a new era of engagement” with the world on Wednesday, pledging to work together with other countries while defending the interests of the United States. He said he would seek a new deal with Russia on reducing nuclear weapons and said countries that refuse to meet […]

Apologies to Hitler

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Seven former heads of the CIA on Friday urged President Barack Obama in a letter to end the probe into allegations of abuse of prisoners held by the agency, arguing that it would hamper intelligence operations…. The letter to Obama was signed by three CIA directors under President George W. Bush — […]

President Obama stop this evil socialism

The extreme right wingbat media continue going on about socialism as though any government department is socialistic. Let’s then get rid of the most evil socialistic part of the US government. This boondoggle just costs us money and keeps getting us into trouble. If we can onlt stop this evil socialism we would have enough […]

Words do have meanings

This is a comment  wrote on Huffingtonpost as a reply to someone who claimed that George W. Bush was a liberal conservative (The post itself is linked to in blue immediately blow): Spanish Investigators Push Justice Department On Torture Role; How Will Holder Answer? Learn some Latin or at least English the word liberal is […]

Execute guilty corporations

The chances are that the exceptional right wing supreme court will give further rights of natural human beings (you like you and I) to the mega-corporations whose only function is greed. OK, if there’s no difference between these super powerful faceless entities and us, how about making the corporations responsible for their actions…. If we […]

Automation – good or bad

The last post was about a few current crises facing the USA and the rest of the world. The point was that we only look at problems after they become super crises. I wish to write about a problem which is not a crisis yet but will be in the future. It is predicted that […]

Management by crises only

We have reached a society which examines problems only when they are total crises and even then we do nothing about them. Anyone with any sense would realize that the following issues are major problems for the USA and the world at this moment: Health care – one way or another modern high tech health […]