Next time let’s elect a Democrat

Once again we have voted for a Democrat and got a Republican – sure it’s better than voting for a Republican and getting a stupid Nazi controlled by Dart VaCheney. But, “Thank God he’s not Bush,” is not much of a consolation. Oh, well, but thank God he’s not Bush! Isn’t there a single Democrat […]

I thought we had a new President

Everyday, Obama is becoming more and more like George (the stupid) Bush. He refuses to publish the torture photos using some stupid rational. A year ago, I wrote that Obama was not a progressive but he was a moderate (right wing Democrat). Sure he was only -50 vs Hillery Clinton’s -500, the Republican candidate (must […]

Savage who

The bigoted idiot Mike Savage or whatever the guy’s name is, is suing the British government for not allowing him to visit Britain for his racist (oops I mean for his alleged racist and other comments). Some idiot on CNN complained that he was being excluded from Britain for his opinion. My wife agreed and […]


To call the traitor boss of the Republican party, Rush Bimbo, the twentieth 9/11 terrorist may be a bit unfair to the terrorists. At least they were educated and were not drug addicted traitors to their own country. It is time that decent conservatives, and there are plenty of them, separate themselves from Limburger (go […]

Such a jackass

Cheney – need I write more? The evil torturer admitted that he is a torturer and a war criminal and therefore deserves to be tried and given life without parole. This guy is the most evil human being since Hitler, the Shah of Iran and USAma Bin Laden. He makes Adolf Eichmann look like the […]

The Shah and the Pop Star

As far as I know this is a true story and was told to me by the Pop Star’s sister: During the dictatorship of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (put in dictatorial power in a CIA coup against the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953) one day a pretty Pop Star was asked to one […]

Evangelicals applaud Pontius Pilate

Latest poll results show that the more people go to to church the more they believe that it’s OK to torture people. People belonging to no formal religion are most likely to say that civilized Nations do not torture under any circumstances. Jack Cafferty of CNN was wondering how come. I was thinking about Pontius […]