Let’s admit torture is always wrong

We hung Japanese military for water boarding our soldiers and executed the Germans for preemptive war and then we (the CIA) caused coup d’etats in Iran, Gutamala, Chile (the original 9/11) and God knows how many other countries (more than fifty interventions since 1945). We taught the secret police in all sorts of countries (like […]

Et tu, Obama

Mr. Obama – torture is a war crime and crime against humanity. If the USA will not prosecute the war criminals then it’s up to Spain and decent countries to investigate and prosecute the war criminals. As far as I’m concerned protection of war criminal is in itself a war crime and potentially on day […]


I wonder if people who call their junk TV station "FOX news" (just pronounce it correctly and you understand what is does to the news) know what teabagging means. A freind was asking why these people (who cares which people – we all have them) are so evil? I reminded her about the story by […]

Ye of little faith

I recently got an audio book from the library called “The Politically Incorrect Guide to DARWINISM and Intelligent Design. I imagined it was going to give information about both sides but discovered that it was a propaganda piece for Dumb Design which after all is what it is. Let’s examine just the human eyes why […]

The pot and the glass house

Those who live in a glass house should not call the kettle black! While President Obama is correct in calling for a world wide reduction in nuclear weapons but is wrong in demonizing some nations while backing the state terrorism of “friendly nations.” It would be better to reduce our own overwhelming expenditures in weapons […]